Serenity By Jan Soy Candle
Serenity By Jan Soy Candle

Serenity By Jan Soy Candle

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Top Notes:  Fresh Lavender Flowers

Middle Notes: Ozone

Bottom Notes: Leafy Greens

We’d like to introduce you to our newest candle, Serenity by Jan. It’ll take you by the hand as you reminisce about that one night when everything was alright. You’ll love the soothing floral aroma of lavender when winding down after a long day at work, during a dinner party, or any time you could use a spa-like retreat at home. It’s an essential in your self-care arsenal. When you get frustrated, or irritated or...angry, just smell the candle and it just -poof- goes away. Light it in your office or your work space. Take it from Jan, you cannot create in the same space you conduct business. 
  • Size: 9oz
  • Every candle is made of 100% all-natural soy with essential oils and fragrances.
  • Hand-poured in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Burn time 70+ hours.
  • Includes seed paper candle topper, #plantthetag and wildflowers will grow!