Fun Candles You Can Light Year-Round

If you love candles, then you’re probably on the hunt for new ones all the time. Whether you enjoy purchasing luxury candles online, or visiting small mom-and-pop shops for homemade scents, there are endless options to choose from.

So what makes a candle fun? Well, at Friendly Candle, we use a combination of natural scents and creative labelling to create both a story and an experience for our candle lovers. After all, smell is one of the five senses that can trigger vivid memories and daydreams. That’s why we put together this curated selection of fun candles you can light any time of year.

Not only do these candles carry a sense of humor, but they’re also eco-friendly and made with 100% natural soy wax.

1. Grandpa’s Hot Nuggets

It’s obvious we had to start our list with one of our newest members to the fun candle family: Grandpa’s Hot Nuggets. What’s in a name? Well, we wanted to create an ode to one of America’s favorite foods: hot chicken wings. Notes of black pepper, maple, and white chicken accord will instantly transport you to your favorite kitchen. The best part? This candle is 100% vegan (as all of our candles are), which means you get the delicious scent of hot chicken wings with the benefits of an eco-conscious footprint.

2. Boy Band Sweat

What’s sweeter than the sweat of your favorite boy band? Nothing. That’s why we’ve captured that star struck scent into a single candle we call Boy Band Sweat. Notes of ginger, cinnamon, cedar, and patchouli will send you back to that concert you always reminisce about. So go ahead, get that playlist together, sing and jump on your bed, and smell that boy band sweat as long as it pleases you.

3. Hot Mom

There’s nothing quite like a hot mom who is hands down a badass 7 days a week, every week of the month. We created an ode to that go-getter, never-stop-being-amazing personality that a Hot Mom embodies. How did we do that? With bold notes such as ozone, chili pepper, mandarin, and coconut. You know it when you smell it. Of course, this isn’t just for moms, but anyone who wants to feel fabulous while at home or the office.

4. Serenity by Jan

Speaking of awesome women, we couldn’t create this list without including the Serenity by Jan candle for those Office fans out there. We worked hard to refine the scent of this candle to match exactly how we think Jan formulated her signature candle. We combined fresh lavender flowers, ozone, and leafy greens for an extra fresh and soothing scent that’s hard to ignore.

5. Hot Dad dads. There’s something irresistible about them. Especially if they still sport a mustache. Anyways, we digress. But our Hot Dad candle isn’t something you’ll want to skip over. We formulated this scent to capture those masculine notes of spice, tobacco, teakwood, and amber. This candle is warm enough to put you to bed, and spicy enough to leave nothing to the imagination. We tip our hats to those hot dads out there. You keep doing you.