Non-Toxic Soy Candles for Any Season

There’s nothing like cozying up in a room with the ambient glow and comforting scent of a candle. At Friendly Candle, we’re connoisseurs for this type of experience. That’s why we've made it our mission to create non-toxic soy candles that are safe for people, animals, and the environment.

1. Love & Honey

Lemon, honeysuckle, and amyris make for a delicate and irresistible combination. That’s why the Love & Honey candle has consistently been one of our best sellers. It’s balanced perfectly so you can light it any season, for any occasion. The soft and warm scent brings relaxation and comfort into anyone’s home.


2. Afternoon Delight

Just like its name, the Afternoon Delight candle was perfected to bring notes of white tea and juicy berries flowing through the air. This scent is a true pick-me-up that’s pleasant for any time of year.


3. But First, Mimosas

 The ultimate kick back and relax candle, But First, Mimosas is an ode to those unforgettable brunches you’ve had with your besties. The bright scent of mandarin orange coupled with sweet champagne sets an elevated mood to any room. You won’t want to sleep on this one. Our mimosa candle livens up the atmosphere for socializing and good vibes.


4. Basil Julep

The smell of fresh cut basil just hits differently, right? We wanted to take that a step further by creating a Basil Julep candle that captures notes of cucumber, citrus, and geranium. This non-toxic soy candle is great for keeping bathrooms and kitchen smelling extra clean and tidy.