What Exactly Is A Satsuma?

sliced satsuma on table

The satsuma is a type of mandarin orange. They have loose leathery skin that's easy to peel, look like flattened spheres, and are usually seedless (with at most 6 seeds in 1 fruit), and taste sweet but tart. The fruit easily separates into 10 to 12 parts.

Nutritionally, satsumas are great. They contain the daily recommended amount of vitamin C, are high in fiber, thiamine, folate, and calcium, and perhaps best of all, the average satsuma is only 50 calories!

The satsuma's name comes from the place where it originated over 700 years ago: the Satsuma province of Japan, which is now referred to as the Kagoshima prefecture. 

Satsumas were introduced to the United States when the wife of a U.S. minister to Japan sent the citrus and its trees West.

Types of satsumas

700 years of cultivation has allowed for there to be more than 100 different types of satsumas, all of which have different textures, colors, shapes, and qualities.

A few of the most well-known types of satsuma include:

  • Owari Satsuma: Owari Satsumas are the most popular type of satsumas grown in the United States. The fruits are firm and taste sweet. The trees they grow on come in 2 varieties: standard (12 feet fall) and dwarf (6 feet fall).
  • Silverhill Satsuma: The Silverhill is a subtype of Owari Satsuma that can tolerate the cold better than Owari Satsumas. Developed in Florida in 1908 by the USDA, Silverhill Satsuma trees grow taller than Owari Satsumas, with the standard Silverhill tree standing at 15 feet tall and the dwarf tree peaking at 8 feet tall. The fruit Silverhills bear tend to be much rounder and much, much sweeter than their Owari counterparts.
  • Brown Select Satsuma: Brown Select Satsuma oranges are easier to peel with their leather-like skin (though easy peeling is a trait most satsumas share). They aren't as sweet as Silverhill Satsumas as they tend to be more acidic. For those who like a tart taste, the Brown Select Satsuma may be right up their alley.

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