Home Office Candles for Good Vibes All Day

It’s your home office. A little enclave of productivity and good vibes. There may be a framed “You can do it!” poster on the wall, or perhaps a classy shelf of books to give Zoom calls an extra oomph. There is even no Kevin Bacon to harass you over TPS reports. Again, it is your home office. The question is: when you take a deep breath in to relax and appreciate the missing hum of fluorescent lamps, where is the candle making this moment better? Here are some great soy candles for your home office.

Serenity By Jan

With top notes of fresh lavender flowers, middle notes of ozone, and finishing touches of leafy greens, Serenity is guaranteed to soothe the turbulence of workday stresses. Whatever the need, breathing in the lavender is like walking through the doors of a spa. The ozone and leafy greens will then carry you further into a secluded natural spring, banishing those foolish worries back to the mortal realm. Angry boss on a zoom call? Spa. Computer crash? Spa. The dog won’t stop barking? Boom, spa. When in doubt, just light one up. The candle, obviously.

Love and Honey

Rough day at work? One too many meetings about meetings? No worries. Envelop yourself in the aroma of Love and Honey, a cozy candle with woodsy, creamy base notes of violet and amyris that will make you feel right at home. Top notes of lemon and ginger lift this candle with spice and citrus, while sweet, gentle honeysuckle blooms with the unforgettable fragrance of jasmine to add a romantic, floral touch. Reach for this scent like you reach for your favorite sweater for a smell that is guaranteed to bring comfort every time. 


Fig and Berries

You are in your office no longer. The scents of a blooming Spring waft into your cave, waking you up from a long Winter. Figs and berries fill your imagination, prompting you to emerge and search the mossy, forest floor for springtime delights. The notes of green floral, leaves, and ozone render your enclosed office space into a sprawling, springtime forest. Balanced out by notes of musk, wood, and moss, the sweetness of jasmine and fig blend together to create an energizing and crisp space that is sure to enhance the vibes of any home office.


Numbers and words may fill your screen, but you are beholden to them no longer. Instead, the aromatic citrus of Satsuma pleasantly masters the monotony of pixels. Exciting and energizing, the blend of orange, mandarin, and mango invoke a fruity and tropical landscape. These notes gradually give way to an intoxicating combo of peach, lime, and lavender, finally ending with the comfort of orange flowers. One of Friendly Candle’s most popular scents, Satsuma can help lighten up the monotony of the workday. 

Dapper Lumberjack

You sigh not in relief or resignation, but in a job well done. You wipe the sweat from your brow and the sawdust from your beard as you gaze with pride on the desk you just made from the tree you just chopped down. You are a dapper lumberjack. Of course, you bought the desk from a department store and only crafted an email, but the scents of sage, orange, oakmoss, and amber fill you with a rugged pride that cannot be ignored. Notes of lavender, grapefruit, and warm tonka bean give that extra sense of refinement, crafting a perfect candle for a day of hard and rewarding work.

Grandma’s New Boyfriend

Old-school but not drowsy. Dignified but not stodgy. Oddly specific but not weird. It’s Grandma’s New Boyfriend. Scents of leather, saffron, and incense provide a worldly and experienced atmosphere. The notes of floral leaves, bergamot, amber, and citrus round off these scents with a warm and approachable tone. A well-balanced and intriguing candle, Grandma’s New Boyfriend adds a spry twist to a familiar office environment. 

Afternoon Delight

Keystrokes begin to feel daunting, and you seem to keep reading the same sentence over and over. That afternoon-look begins to show as your eyes glaze over. It’s time for something else. Who says excitement is only reserved for the night? That’s right: it’s time to light a candle. Ripe, fruity notes of raspberry, blackberry and mandarin set the tone of this indulgent aroma. Luxurious scents of white tea and rose then move the attention down to the heavy and sweet notes of ylang-ylang and vanilla. Romantic and energizing, this candle will surely remove the afternoon daze.

So next time you look up to your motivational poster and think of those unread John C. Maxwell books on the shelf, be sure to breathe in and appreciate your home office. Whether crisp, floral scents or alluring spices are more your style, these candles are a great addition to any home office.