An Ohio Candle Company Focused On Sustainability

columbus ohio city skyline

Friendly Candle is an Ohio candle company based in Columbus, Ohio. We pour all of our natural soy candles by hand in a small warehouse space in Grandview Heights, just outside the downtown Columbus area.

How We Began

The concept for Friendly Candle was born out of the idea that every aspect of a candle - from its container, to the wick - should be reusable or recyclable. The candle industry contains thousands, if not millions, of candles that largely use waxes or materials that aren’t environmentally-friendly. We wanted to change that, however small of an impact it might make, for the better.

Devin, the founders of Friendly Candle, originally started by pouring candles in very small batches out of his own apartment. After experimenting a few times, he began to close in on a few fragrances that they could sell at local markets in Ohio.

Finding success in these small Ohio artisan markets led to Friendly Candle expanding into Chicago as well. As we began to sell more candles and receive great feedback about  fragrances, we decided to open up our business to the whole country.

So our website was officially born!

Our Eco-Friendly Mission

Pouring candles requires a variety of materials and resources such as the wax, essential oils, wicks, container, lid, and packaging. Now if you scale that up to the hundreds or thousands, it’s easy to see how candle making builds its own carbon footprint.

Although candles may not be as resource heavy compared to other types of products, it can still be pretty significant. This is why our Ohio candle company focuses on sustainability throughout the entire candle making process.

Our candle jars can be repurposed for anything you want. Since a jar candle is essentially just that - a jar - we encourage customers to be creative with the container once all the wax from one of our candles has melted. Our jars can make the perfect potting vessel for a succulent, or a simple container for supplies in your office.

We hope you’ll join us in our eco-friendly mission by purchasing candles that have been made with sustainability in mind. Whether you choose to buy from Friendly Candle or another eco-conscious company, we appreciate your support!

Curious to learn about all of our amazing fragrances? Head on over to our eco-friendly candles page to find your new favorite scent!